The hands that serve are better
than the lips that pray.
August 2016
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  • When Pain is Medicine
  • When Pain is Medicine
  • When Pain is Medicine
  • When Pain is Medicine
  • When Pain is Medicine
  • When Pain is Medicine
  • When Pain is Medicine
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No mean feat

Ashla Rani Ashla Rani, volunteer for Pallium India, shares this news of Sidhartha Babu with us: Sidhartha, a paraplegic shooter, was initially denied permission to participate in the National Games. But he persisted, and later was granted permission to compete in the prone category. And he has emerged as a state champion, rubbing shoulders with… Read More

Anne Merriman foundation-lighting up the world!

An important side event at the APCA conference was the launch of the Anne Merriman Hospice foundation on 17th of August 2016 – an invigorating experience chaired by Dr Emmanuel Luyirika, executive director of APCA. The full throated choir sang: “When my life is finally measured in months, weeks, days, hours, I want to live… Read More

Inspiring Conference at Kampala, Uganda

Close to 500 registrants from more than 35 countries participated in a three-day conference of the African Palliative Care Association at Kampala, Uganda, on 17-19 August, 2016. India has a lot to learn from Uganda and from Africa as a whole. In the face of poverty very often worse than in India, they have managed… Read More

Karnataka gets its own palliative care policy

Dr Linge Gowda, director of the Kidwai Institute of Oncology (Regional Cancer Centre) informs that the Karnataka state palliative care policy has come through. The department of palliative medicine at Kidwai Institute of Oncology has also been sanctioned new positions of Associate Professor, Assistant Professor and Senior Resident, so that they are now ready to… Read More

Dr David Brumley Order of Australia

David Brumley at Cachar Our friends from Australasian Palliative Link International (APLI) inform us that Dr David Brumley, a dear friend of palliative care in India, has been awarded a Medal in the General Division (OAM) in the Queen’s Birthday Honours List for 2016. Anil Tandon, Chairman of APLI, writes in the APLI Newsletter: “The… Read More

Man seeks euthanasia for son.

Read this report in the Hindu: Man seeks euthanasia for son How many such stories will we have to hear before some solution emerges on this? We checked. There seems to be no palliative care services available anywhere nearby in that part of Andhra Pradesh. Let this story not spur us on to a discussion… Read More

When Pain is Medicine

“We can’t stop treatment. We are supposed to do everything we can to keep the patient alive,” says the doctor about the man who has multiple organ failure, has “blood and urinary infection” and whose “kidneys are not functioning”. The fight to prolong life at all costs continues. The wife and the daughter are allowed… Read More