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October 2016
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  • Top 5 Bollywood films about palliative care
  • Top 5 Bollywood films about palliative care
  • Top 5 Bollywood films about palliative care
  • Top 5 Bollywood films about palliative care
  • Top 5 Bollywood films about palliative care
  • Top 5 Bollywood films about palliative care
  • Top 5 Bollywood films about palliative care
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SC keeps out of debate on right to refuse treatment

The confusion in the public mind between euthanasia and withdrawal of life support seems to be getting deeper and deeper. Please see the latest Supreme Court decision. Let us hope the Parliament is not confused when the matter is placed before them. Source: Pallium Kulasekharam

Misunderstandings Galore! Here is one more proof.

Despite all the news reports in the media, misunderstandings continue even among medical professionals. Despite all the declarations of the World Health Assembly and International Narcotics Control Board, pain continues to be untreated. Please see this report: Too little, too late: Why palliative care is vastly inadequate in India Is there not violation of our fundamental… Read More

Guide for program managers from WHO

Belinda Loring and Marie-Charlotte Bouesseau from the World Health Organization write to inform that the WHO manual “Planning and implementing palliative care services: a guide for programme managers” has now been published. It is available online at this link: We are sure that the document will be an excellent resource particularly for newly evolving… Read More

WHO calls for balance in opioid policy

A new WHO document titled “The Preventable Pain Pandemic” points out examples from Mexico and India as places where progress has been made but where there is plenty of room for future work. It is 39 years now since the WHO placed morphine on its essential medicine list, and “considers it the gold standard in… Read More

A day with the legendary Dr Michael Kearney

We are very proud of our collaborators at Tanda, Himachal Pradesh. The palliative care pioneers in the state, Professors Parveen Sharma, Rekha Sharma and Ms Rajani Arora got together to plan their first academic activity – a one day educational program for nurses. The legendary Dr Michael Kearney, the Irish Physician who is the author… Read More

October 2016

Dear Friends, Goodbye, Jo. We love you. Dr M. R. Rajagopal writes: Our dear Jo, Professor Jo Eland, is no more. She came into our lives, sprinkled love abundantly, conquered our hearts and now she is gone. She died in the morning of the 25th of September, 2016. In December 2009, she led a group… Read More

Such a positive feel!

It was Pallium India’s privilege to do a half day workshop on palliative care for the members of Indian Cancer Society, Delhi on Sunday, 25 September 2016. What a positive feel! It is certainly heartening that focus on quality of life is growing in all circles associated with cancer- whether it be oncologists or other… Read More

New palliative care service inaugurated in Himachal Pradesh

Hon’ble Health Minister of HP, Shri Kaul Singh Thakur formally inaugurated the new palliative care service in Dr Rajendra Prasad Government Medical College, Kangra, Tanda, Himachal Pradesh. Funded by Tata Trust, this is a new collaborative venture between Pallium India and RP Government Medical College. Congratulations Dr Parveen Sharma and team. Source: Pallium Kulasekharam

Website launched – Healthy India Alliance

16 pan-India organizations committed to NCD prevention and control have got together to form the Healthy India Alliance. Do please visit the alliance’s new website which has been launched on World Heart Day, the 29th of September 2016. Pallium India is proud to be a member of this truly healthy alliance! Source: Pallium Kulasekharam

Top 5 Bollywood films about palliative care

By Jean Jacob I recently came across a top 10 list of Hollywood films about palliative care. Despite being a palliative care physician and a movie lover, there was only one movie on the list that I had even heard about. This is hardly surprising considering no one would make a summer blockbuster on such… Read More