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than the lips that pray.
October 2017
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About Us

A Pain and Palliative care centre named “PALLIUM KULASEKHARAM” was started on 24th May 2013 as a non government organisation.
Pallium Kulasekharam is now a registered public charity. Registration number IV-11/24-2-2014.

Our services are designed for care at the patients’ home. They include outpatient care to those who are ambulant, home visits for all who are bed-ridden, inpatient care only for the selected few. We endeavour to supply all palliative medicines and supplies free of cost to the poor, in conformity with the Non-Communicable Diseases (NCD) program of the Government.
A dedicated team of volunteer group make Pallium Kulasekharam to function smoothly.

The clinic is conducted on alternate Mondays by a team of doctors, nurses with a volunteer group at the reception, registration and councilIng.

Saradakrishna Homeo Medical College, Kulasekharam has provided enough space with facilities to conduct the clinic. The postgraduates at the Homeo medical college attend the clinic.

The home visit team includes a doctor, nurses and a local volunteer. This is done once in two weeks on Mondays.

With the support of the WHO Collaborating Center for Policy and Training on Access to Pain Relief at PALLIUM INDIA, Thiruvananthapuram, we offer the care to the people around Kulasekharam

The Honorable Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, on 08 May 2013, made the following announcement:
“For all those patients who are living with sufferings of pain and other symptoms due to the Incurable illnesses and bedridden due to old age, to relieve them from pain and other symptoms, the state Government introduced a pilot project in Thiruvallur, Kanchipuram, Villupuram and Tiruchirappalli Districts in collaboration with Non Government Organizations, by selecting a Block in each District in 2011-12.
On realizing the beneficial outcome of which, I am pleased to extend the Community Based pain relief and Palliative Care for all the Districts in the state at the cost of Rs 16.5 crore.”


Every person suffering from life-limiting or incurable disease in India has access to effective pain relief and quality palliative care


Catalyze the development of effective pain relief and quality palliative care services across India through delivery of services, education, research, advocacy and information

Palliative care involves improving quality of life of people with life-limiting or disabling diseases, by treating pain and other symptoms and by providing emotional, social and spiritual support. This is what we attempt to do in Pallium India’s flagship, Trivandrum Institute of Palliative Sciences (TIPS) in Trivandrum, Kerala. This includes rehabilitation of patients and families by helping them to earn a livelihood again and by ensuring that children in those families continue their education.

Elsewhere, Pallium India identifies committed individuals and institutions and support them to develop quality palliative care services.

Pallium India is a national registered charitable trust formed to fulfil the need for a stable organisation working at the national level to fight for needs of the suffering millions in India who are in need of pain relief and palliative care. Most of the trustees are people who have done pioneering work in the field of palliative care in the country.