The hands that serve are better
than the lips that pray.
August 2017
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“By its fruits, one knows the tree.”

By Ana Luísa Pereira and Tania Chalton Tania and Ana, at Pallium India “By its fruits one knows the tree.” – Brazilian proverb It is important to talk about this tree. As visitors that came from far, it is inspiring to see Pallium India’s patients and families – it is not an overstatement to say how… Read More

How to deal with death at home

By Jean Jacob  How do you deal with the death of a loved one at home? “What should I do after he passes away? I mean…the practicalities. How do I deal with the dead body at home?” It was this question, put to me by the son of a patient whose home we were visiting… Read More

What’s in a name? A lot, perhaps.

In response to Pallium India’s newsletter of July 2017, Prof. June L. Dahl, Professor Emerita of Neuroscience, University of Wisconsin School of Medicine & Public Health, Madison, Wisconsin, writes to us: I know it is common to refer to short-acting opioids as immediate release opioids. I believe drug companies coined the term ‘immediate release’ to… Read More

The Sound of Music to relieve suffering

Sajan Antony, Social Worker at Pallium India writes: “Music is the mediator between the spiritual and sensual life” – Beethoven On World Music Day, 21 June 2017, Pallium India conducted a program for the residents of our inpatient centre – live music to ease suffering. We are grateful to Raji Vishwanathan, who volunteered to perform… Read More

A touching video from WION: don’t miss it.

Manju has cancer. She and her husband have moved from their faraway village to Delhi for treatment. Manju talks about her concerns: small children, their education; their future. The husband adds that the dad and mom and the younger brother are all ill. He will have to get through Manju’s treatment, and go back to… Read More

Addressing Emotional and Spiritual Suffering

Alex Pierce, one of the three visitors Pallium India had for a month of palliative care training through Child Family Health International (CFHI), spoke about his experience, towards the end of the program. “Last week at home visits, Dr Annamma sat down with a patient, held his hand and talked to him as a person… Read More