The hands that serve are better
than the lips that pray.
June 2017
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MCI notification on drug prescription

As per the notification issued by MCI (MCI-211(2)/2016(Ethics)/131118) which has come to effect on 8th October 2016, every physician “should prescribe drugs with generic names legibly and preferably in capital letters and he/she shall ensure that there is a rational prescription and use of drugs.” Please click here to read the Notification. Source: Pallium Kulasekharam

The distinction between “prescribed opioids” and “prescription opioids”- lesson for India from Willem Scholten.

“Prescription opioids are intended to be prescribed as medicines. Prescribed medicines are actually prescribed by a physician and dispensed by a pharmacy. About 75% of fatal overdoses from prescription opioids in the U.S. occur in people who have not been prescribed opioids during the three months preceding their deaths. Thus, the majority must have obtained… Read More

Video Of The Month

TNG Award acceptance speech by Dr M. R. Rajagopal (with English subtitles): Dr Rajagopal explains the significance of palliative care and how everyone can support it. Source: Pallium Kulasekharam

May 2017

A Call to Action for Ensuring Humane Care at the End of Life ‘The Mathura Declaration’ aims to promote Palliative and End of Life Care (EOLC) to those who are terminally ill and dying. Mathura, Uttar Pradesh, India, 30th April 2017: The newly formed Citizens’ Action Needed for Dignity in Death (CANDID) and a multi… Read More

Death is inevitable. A bad death is not.

“Honest and open conversations with the dying should be as much a part of modern medicine as prescribing drugs or fixing broken bones. A better death means a better life, right until the end.” An article published in The Economist on 29 April, 2017, titled “How to have a better death” explores how death and the… Read More

Poor, but very rich.

Usha does not have much of worldly possessions; she works as a house-maid to a doctor. Her son sadly died in a road traffic accident two years back. A year later some compensation was paid to her by the insurance company. Usha did not hesitate; she donated a substantial part of it to Pallium India.… Read More


Very sad loss! We lost Art Lipman, editor of the Journal of Pain and Palliative Care Pharmacotherapy, with whom we collaborated on the “Narratives” feature in that journal, to Myelofibrosis on 23 April 2017. It was a pleasure to work with you, dear Art. Rest in peace! Source: Pallium Kulasekharam