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October 2017
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Palliative Care


After seeing the plight of the terminally ill patients  in Kulasekharam without access to any palliative care, and seeing that the benefit of Pallium India’s  service does not reach the needy in remote  areas of  Kanyakumari district, we at Pallium Kulasekharam under the leadership of Dr. P.K. Sukumaran Nair drew inspiration from Dr M R Rajagopal, founder chairman of Pallium India Thiruvananthapuram and its flagship institution, the Thiruvananthapuram Institute of Palliative Science (TIPS), to establish a centre called “Pallium Kulasekharam”
Thus Pallium Kulasekharam was launched on 24th May 2013 as a Non Govt. Organization which is now a Registered Public Charitable Trust ( No:11/2014).


The main objective of Palium Kulasekharam is to provide Palliative Care and Pain relief to those individuals who are suffering from terminal life limiting debilitating diseases like Cancer and to those who are paralised. It involves not only providing medical care but also extending material and spiritual supports, so as to create a sense of wellbeing in the minds of such sufferers.Where cure is difficult it shifts care to improve the quality of life of patient and the family.


Our services are designed to care to those outpatients who are ambulant, home care visit to all those who are bedridden, and inpatient care only to a selected needy. We endeavor palliative care, necessary palliative medicine and supplies free of cost to the poor inconformity with the program of the government. We also proposed to engage in providing relief and rehabilitation of such needy patients.

The specially trained medical practitioners supported by a team of nurses and pharmacists from Pallium India visit our center once in a fortnight to attend the patients identified by us.

Apart from above we have a team of dedicated volunteers, some of whom already trained in palliative care service, to do the field work in identifying, counselling and helping the suffering patients to receive the services provided by Pallium Kulasekharam. For bedridden patients medical services are made available at their doorstep.

At present Sarada Krishna Homoeopathic Medical College, Kulasekharam, Kanniyakumari District, Tamilnadu, India has made available adequate space and other logistic support in the college campus for us to run the outpatient fortnightly clinical services.

The activities of Pallium Kulasekharam presently cover Kulasekharam and peripheral Villages of Kanniyakumari District of TamilNadu, India and services are made available irrespective of Caste, Creed, and Religion.


We envision building our own infrastructure facilities by mobilizing required recourses with the help of kind hearted donors and philanthropists. We also plan to expand our activities to allied spheres such as creating awareness among the public in general and the family members of the suffering patients in particular.

We believe that proper understanding of the plight and painful existence of the terminally ill people will go a long way in our endeavor to render loving care and help to such patient so as to lead a normal, positive and fulfilled life in their remaining life span.